KLab event #4 – Azure SQL, Batteries included.

The last event of KLab in 2020!



This year, so strange and unusual also for our Community, will end with an amazing session: “Azure SQL batteries included

For this occasion, we’ll have the great honour to have with us Davide Mauri, Senior Program Manager, Azure SQL in Microsoft and author of Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers, who will talk about Azure and how to use it in our next projects.

When? On November 23.


18:50 Welcome

19:00 Davide Mauri ~ “A discussion around Azure SQL, Web API, Agility and Future Proof solutions”

Modern development is all about being agile, having great performance and scalability. Need to handle a new, unplanned, property? Done. Need to scale? Done. Need to aggregate and analyze stored data? Done!

The SQL language has evolved *a lot* since its inception and now is going through a real “renaissance”, and Azure SQL is right in the middle of it. New exciting post-relational features blend seamlessly with solid relational foundations to give developers the best of what the world offers today in terms of general-purpose databases. Come to this session and to learn what Azure SQL can offer and why is the database you should use in your next project.

19:45 Q&A with the speaker

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Who is our guest?

Davide Mauri is Program Manager in the Azure SQL Database product group. He has been working in the IT field since 1997 and was awarded Data Platform MVP status for 12 consecutive years. He started his career as a full-stack and back-end developer, then focused on databases and data science for 15 years while still keeping alive his passion for development (mainly in C# and Python). He then moved to the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data space where ingesting, processing, and analyzing millions of data points in near real time was his everyday challenge. Building from that experience, he joined Microsoft to help companies worldwide to leverage stream processing at scale. He now works for Azure SQL Database as the developer’s voice inside the product group, working to make sure that Azure SQL Database is, and will be, the best database option for developers.